Scooter o vespa?

Scooter, Vespa or?

We’ll feel like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn visiting Rome in a perfect “Roman Holiday” style, driving a vintage vespa, a modern scooter or a bicycle. Whatever will be the chosen vehicle to admire the beautiful panorama in the Chianti region or in the striking Amalfi coast, it will surely be the funniest way to do it, listening though the earphones the explanation, curiosity and stories told by our biker guide.


He will surprise you telling the secrets of his City! As well as Dante and Beatrice in Florence, or Caesar and the gladiators in Rome. Animated visits, tasty and theme walks, evening tours and path with costumed guides…A different and richer way to get in touch with Venice, Rome, Florence and the Italian historical villages too.


In giro con la 500

Vintage tour

Whether it’s a FIAT 500, a convertible Spider 1200 or a Volkswagen van, riding a vintage vehicle it will be like living old time atmospheres, an unforgettable day which remains in photographs and surely indelible in your mind.

Cards and tarots

Magic and spell to know our love prediction. Fortune-tellers, jugglers, singers and dancers…you will learn the minuet, you’ll play and spend cheerful evenings, rich of emotions and nice moments.


Sole, mare e tintarella

Sun, sea and suntan

Sardinia or Puglia coasts, clear waters and sea bottoms, striking little harbours and amazing cliffs, sunny wonderful beaches. These are the memories that we’ll bring back from a boat trip, with our hair in the wind, discovering the beautiful Italian coasts, relaxing, and with a lunch on board made with typical Mediterranean food.

Treasure hunt

Solving enigma, shooting photos, overcoming tests, finding out details to complete a route. A very funny way to interactive with the locals and visit the beauties of our old town centres. By feet, masquerade or by bike… We’ll have fun finding out the “treasure” to receive our final prize!

Caccia al tesoro in città

Pilota per un giorno

Pilot or co-pilot for a day!

Experiences, fun and passions in relation to the motors world: curves, spins, speed up and handbrake… Drive in a track real speed cars or sitting near professional pilots will give us pure adrenaline.