Cycling is a brilliant way to travel, becoming more and more popular. You move at a slower pace, in a sustainable way and engage deeply with the destination. You don’t need to be trained to choose this way of travelling especially when there are electric bikes available and a wide range of itineraries and fitness levels.

Italy offers many paths and backroads throughout a variety of beautiful landscapes, riding a bicycle along these paths is the best way to discover this unique country at your own pace.

We offer tours that last several days with stops in bike friendly cities or peaceful hamlets, itineraries that combine other ways of travelling like a classic train or a car, as well as day trips for families or groups. We will give you all the necessary support with the possibility to transfer separately your luggage, having a back-up vehicle as long as the basic equipment included such as the route maps or GPS, helmets and bikes.

So, saddle up! See you in the Bel Paese!

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