Great tours

When organizing a group travel in Italy one must know how to reach and propose as many beauties as possible of its heritage. Often, however, in the few days when you make an organized trip to Italy you cannot convey another important dimension of the country: the particularity of its internal differences!

From north to south, from east to west, Italy presents completely different landscapes, several climates, contrasting views and various architectures based on the history of each place. And above all on a human level, the many traditions characterizing every corner of the country. Each of the 21 Italian regions boasts particular uniqueness, their own enogastronomic traditions, different dialects, folk festivals and evocations unique in their kind.

For those who really want to know the Bel Paese, through their eyes but through their heart too, Venice Liberty Travel, DMC for Italy presents the GREAT TOURS. Organized group travels in Italy, lasting more than 8 days, crossing most of the Italian territory and allowing all travellers not only to see the country, but to fully experience it.

The Great Tours are designed, organized and managed by Venice Liberty Travel for foreign travel agencies and tour operators. They allow to touch all the most important Italian cities like Venice, Milan, Rome and Naples, to visit the great lakes, bathe in all the seas or walk among Alps, hills or Apennines. Or you can be part of a group travel that leaves the borders of Italy to touch some of the most important European capitals, such as Paris or Vienna.

The Great Tours, organized by Venice Liberty Travel - DMC for Italy - represent the ideal solution to visit, understand and love Italy, then leave it, already yearning to return.

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Bellezze italiane - Grandi itinerari - Dmc Italy

Italian beauties

(9 days / 8 nights)
From Venice to Rome, through Florence, Siena, Pompeii and Capri.
Italian beauties, surprising and unique.

Tesori d'Italia - Grandi itinerari - Dmc Italy

Wonders of Italy

(12 days / 11 nights)
A journey from the great lakes of the north to Naples: Verona, Venice, Florence, Siena, Rome, Capri, Pompeii, Vesuvius, Amalfi and Sorrento.

Bellezze europee - Grandi itinerari - Dmc Italy

European beauties

(14 days / 13 nights)
From Paris to Rome, from the French to the Italian capital, through Burgundy, Geneva and some of the most beautiful spots of the peninsula.

Tesori d'Italia - Grandi itinerari - Dmc Italy

Treasures of Italy

(15 days / 14 nights)
Rome, Capri, Pompeii, Amalfi, Assisi, Ravenna, Venice, Verona, Pisa, Florence and Siena: Italy flaunts its historical and artistic treasures.

Gran tour d'Italia - Grandi itinerari - Dmc Italy

Grand Tour of Italy

(16 days / 15 nights)
An itinerary from Milan to Rome, via Venice, Florence and Naples, touching the main Italian cities, rich in history, art and culture.

Terre e mari d'Italia - Grandi itinerari - Dmc Italy

Lands and seas of Italy

(16 days / 15 nights)
Discovering the truest soul of southern Italy: Sicily, Calabria and Campania. Enchanting seas and lands, scents and colors unique in the world.