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Incoming tour operator and DMC for Italy

Liberty Travel: Destination Management Company for Italy

We are a company specializing in Destination Management – we work to provide organization of tourism services for Italian destinations.
When talking about travel proposals, Liberty Travel offers a personal style; each offer is approached with a craft approach, with every detail designed based on the customer’s needs.
The flexibility of our services – refined over 25 years of experience – allows us to offer our customers a wide range of solutions. We can range from the most traditional products to the most unusual and original; we offer a constant quality of assistance to the customer, as well as the ability to satisfy requests quickly.

DMC for Italy: the value of a tailor-made experience

Few countries offer a variety of travel experiences comparable to Italy; there is no perfect trip for everybody, there are only tailor-made experiences.
This is our strong point: we know how to adapt to what the customer asks for, we find quick answers for every problem and we develop innovative solutions.

Here are some of the ideas we can include in our proposals:

● Tailor-made itineraries
● Private and exclusive visits
● Food and wine tastings
● Cooking school
● Craft workshop visits
● Golf and horse-riding
● Sport activities
● Team-building
● Cultural exchanges
● Secret art cities

An important requirement of every Destination Management Company is reliability. For this reason, we encourage the customer to rely on our team at every stage of the work: travel agencies and tour operators who rely on us can count on constant assistance and benefit from our skills at all times. Our goal is to create lasting and profitable partnerships: to do so, we prove every day to be serious and determined professionals.

A team of professionals

The quality of a Destination Management Company is determined primarily by the skills of the people who work there. This is why over the years we have selected a team of professionals able to work with flexibility, precision, and efficiency in every context.
Our customers, who work side by side with us on a daily basis, know this well. Our partners and collaborators, with whom we have a constantly growing network of contacts over time, know this too.

An important part of our work is training. Every day there is a new trend destination, a new type of travel, or a new technology to learn about. Every day we are committed to updating the latest industry news and implementing the most innovative technologies to improve the quality of our services.

A reliable and quality group

In the beginning of the year 2021, Bassani Group entered the game in order to further develop the brand Venice Liberty Travel.
Since then, not only continuity of activities are ensured thanks to an economically healthy group, but Liberty is placed within a new family who contributed to the creation of the Italian tourism organisation since the early years 1900.
Bassani is a historical company in Italy, based in Venice, recognized as a leader in the fields of tourism services such as DMC, Travel Agency, Incoming Agency, Cruise Ground Handler, Shore Excursion Operator. It also includes land and water transport companies and operate as well as Marine Agency and Shipping Agent, established since 1860.

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