Liberty Travel: Destination Management Company for Italy1 July 2019


Destination Management Company: our tourist formula

At Liberty Travel we organize trips in the country where we live, a country we love dearly – Italy – and we prepare them with extreme care, drawing from our 25-year experience. We create travel packages for French speaking tourist agencies that, in addition to the most famous destinations, also include authentic and fascinating locations, places beyond mass tourism. Every year millions of tourists choose trips and itineraries to get to know Italian art and history. Choosing Italy as a destination is the first step towards an unforgettable experience and we want to be the means to make those experiences great. Our mission is to create custom-made packages tailored to the needs of each customer, we find quick answers to every problem and develop innovative solutions.

We rely on expert guides and local contacts because we believe that visiting a new country is best when done with local people. We usually use both international hotels and local facilities as long as they have a deep history and soul.

DMC in Italy: our strength is flexibility

Our team focuses on flexibility to satisfy customers in all their requests. We’re never wearing blinders; every day there is a new trend destination, a new type of trip or a new technology to learn or delve into in order to include it in the different tourist packages, even at the request of the groups. Particular events, parties, and unusual places are just some of the starting points to build our proposals.

Here are some of the ideas we can include in our proposals:

  • Private and exclusive visits
  • Food and wine tastings
  • Cooking school
  • Craft workshop visits
  • Golf and horse-riding
  • Sport activities
  • Team-building
  • Secret art cities

The means of transport and assistance that are included in the various travel packages can vary a lot, depending on the budget and the specific requests of the customer. In fact, on arrival you can find an assistant, a tour-escort guide, a local guide, or a bus driver. We normally use private buses for our tours, but we don’t rule out the use of train, boat, or public transport – always following the directions and needs of the customer.

Destination management for group travels

Our ideal customers have a curious character and a strong ability to be amazed and be overwhelmed by the places visited, the culture, the tastes, and the local customs, because we think that only in this way a journey can be unforgettable and, indeed, let someone go back to those memories after some time. Albert Einstein said that “he who is no longer able to experience neither amazement nor surprise is dead, so to speak; his eyes are turned off “.

We are innovative in an industry where it is difficult to find novelty and originality; our mission is to give our customers the best possible experience with custom-made packages and we believe we have an easy game with a recognized experience of over 25 years – but with ongoing training – and a beautiful country that the whole world longs for! The world around us is changing faster and faster. To keep improving, we must look ahead and understand trends. It is today that we must be ready for tomorrow. Our vision is to continue to operate adding value and quality to our proposals. Constantly.