Tours and travel packages to Italy

Group trips

The great classics

They are called "great classics": trips and organized tours that have amazed and enchanted tourists for years, without getting old, never boring. Those journeys where people fall in love with a country and a culture - those are great classics. In these itineraries, the travel experience touches... Read more

The originals

Themed trips are completely original trips: planned and "built" starting from the ideas of our partners or from the requests of their clients. A themed tour can have the most varied characteristics: you can only travel by train, only by sea... Or why not, only on foot? It can be customized for... Read more


A weekend in Italy is a short but memorable holiday, which can give unmatched memories and experiences. The time in a weekend can be enough to discover the unique atmosphere of Italian destinations - provided that the weekend is organized properly! A food & wine itinerary, an immersion in... Read more

Business incentives

In the business environment, incentive travel is an excellent tool for consolidating the work group and retaining customers. Especially in a country like Italy, which offers various opportunities for business travel incentives of all types. To organize an incentive trip that meets everyone's... Read more