Tours and travel packages to Italy

Group trips

The great classics

They are called "great classics": trips and organized tours that have amazed and enchanted tourists for years, without getting old, never boring. Those journeys where people fall in love with a country and a culture - those are great classics. In these itineraries, the travel experience touches... Read more

The originals

Themed trips are completely original trips: planned and "built" starting from the ideas of our partners or from the requests of their clients. A themed tour can have the most varied characteristics: you can only travel by train, only by sea... Or why not, only on foot? It can be customized for... Read more


A weekend in Italy is a short but memorable holiday, which can give unmatched memories and experiences. The time in a weekend can be enough to discover the unique atmosphere of Italian destinations - provided that the weekend is organized properly! A food & wine itinerary, an immersion in... Read more


Cycling is a brilliant way to travel, becoming more and more popular. You move at a slower pace, in a sustainable way and engage deeply with the destination. You don’t need to be trained to choose this way of travelling especially when there are electric bikes available and a wide range of... Read more

Guaranteed Departures

Discover the “Bel Paese” with no worries, accompanied by professional Tour Directors, and enjoy cultural, artistic and culinary riches as well as the wonderful landscapes offered by the Italian peninsula. Read more

Great tours

When organizing a group travel in Italy one must know how to reach and propose as many beauties as possible of its heritage. Often, however, in the few days when you make an organized trip to Italy you cannot convey another important dimension of the country: the particularity of its internal... Read more

Business incentives

In the business environment, incentive travel is an excellent tool for consolidating the work group and retaining customers. Especially in a country like Italy, which offers various opportunities for business travel incentives of all types. To organize an incentive trip that meets everyone's... Read more

Ancestry Travel

A trip back in time, to live the experience of retracing the history of the family before their emigration journey. Being descendant of Italian immigrants certainly leads to an intimate wish of discovering their homeland, a place only imagined listening to forefathers’ stories and... Read more